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Clint Bouck

For over 16 years, Clint Bouck has been a noteworthy leader in the Property Investment space. Clint built Red Sands Management with his family from the ground up and now sits as the Owner and President. Clint can also be credited with his time as a General Contractor in Saint George and Draper UT. This gives him the skills to turn any home into a highly sought after, high return, investment property. Over the years he has learned the ins and outs of what a solid investment needs to thrive in today’s market helping you find the property of your dreams. To Speak with Clint, Call Today (435) 275-5797

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Holly Bouck

Holly Bouck is known as St. George’s “Vacation Rental Specialist”. She has been specializing in short-term rentals, finding the perfect investments for clients for almost a decade. She is highly experienced and knowledge-based in the real estate and vacation rental field. Holly is dedicated to each and every one of her clients and she isn’t afraid to show it because to her it is about YOUR NEEDS. and WHAT YOU WANT in your home. When it comes to friendliness and knowledge, give Holly a call and she can discuss what you are looking for and get started. To speak with Holly just call or text 435-275-5785 (Vacation Rental Specialist) or you can email her at hollybouck@kw.com

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