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Hiking and Biking Trails

Want to check out all of the hiking and biking Trails without having to venture into a national park? Check out the many areas that are free to the public.

Anasazi Valley Trail (Tempi`op`op) - Difficulty: Easy

This trail is a family friendly trail allowing you to take a stroller or even pack the kids on your back. With a round trip of 3.5 miles, This trail has a ton of Anasazi culture all along the path. Up at the top of the cliff side, you can explore the many petroglyphs available to the public.

Location: Anasazi Trail, Ivins, UT 84738
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Babylon Arch Trail - Difficulty: Moderate

This trail is NOT stroller friendly, but young kids can make the treck with help. This trail is a very sandy trail with lots of unique formations to look at. The trail forks and will take you to one of the two options. One takes you to the arch, and other takes you to the virgin river. Both are well worth the trip. The trail size is around 1.5 miles, average hike time: 1-1.5 hours.

Location: Unnamed Road, Hurricane, UT 84737
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Children`s Forest At The Kiln - Difficulty: Easy

This trail has very cool atmosphere to it. With a .64 mile round trip, It isn`t very difficult to walk, but unless you have a decent jogging stroller it is recommended that you carry your kids or let them walk themselves. This walk has lots of vegetation with plaques giving information about the plants as well. At the end of the trail is a large Kiln created and used in the 1800`s to produce charcoal.

Location: Leeds Creek Kiln Trail 31035, Leeds, UT 84746
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Dino Cliffs Trail - Difficulty: Easy

A bit sandy at the start, the trail does change to a solid trail a little down the ways. A little ways down the trail you should see a slate with preserved dinosaur tracks off to the left. An easy trail with a distance of only 0.5 miles round trip. Fun for the whole family.

Location: Dino Cliffs Trailhead, Washington, UT 84780
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HellHole Canyon Trail - Difficulty: Moderate

Despite what the name implies, this trail offers some beautiful views of the canyon that you cannot see from the road. If you can time it right, you can even see a waterfall. Remember to bring lots of water when going on this hike, it gets very hot in this trail which is where it gets it`s name sake. Give yourself a couple hours to enjoy the hike.

Location: 779 Taviawk Dr, Ivins, UT 84738
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Kanarraville Falls Trail - Difficulty: Moderate

This is one of my personal favorite hikes. It`s a perfect hike when the summer heat is getting to you. Be warned, This is a water hike and you cannot avoid getting wet if you want to see the sights this trail has to offer. Younger children are not recommended unless you plan to carry them the entire 4.6 mile round trip. The water is very cold on your feet at first, but you get used to it pretty quick and it gives you a nice rush of energy. Definitely a must, when it comes to hiking.

Location: 375 E 100 N St, Kanarraville, UT 84742
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Red Mountain Trail - Difficulty: Strenuous

Looking for a hike with a view? This trail passes along the snow canyon overlook, so you can be sure to see something astounding. This hike can be a long days hike, or even a backpacking trip. Please note there is vegetation along the trail but you will be fully exposed, so remember to bring plenty of water. Horseback is allowed on this trail as well.

Location: Red Mountain Trail, Dammeron Valley, UT 84783
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Sandstone Quarry Historic Trail - Difficulty: Easy

This trail is a quick, fun, easy trail. Perfect for kids and plenty of sights to see. This trail leads to the historic sight where pioneers would quarry rock for many of the historic buildings in the city. Including the LDS temple and Tabernacle.

Location: 1099 N 700 W, St George, UT 84770
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Scout Cave Trail - Difficulty: Moderate

This trail is a classic. It`s a fun trail with lots of lava rock to be seen around. The trail isn`t too difficult, but it not stroller friendly. While walking the path you have a chance to spot the rare desert tortoise, if you do find one covet the memory they are difficult to find. If you follow the path all the way to the end, there is a very nice cave to be explored and even cool off if need be.

Location: Whiptail, Ivins, UT 84738
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Spring Creek Trail - Difficulty: Moderate

If it`s getting a bit too hot for you, but you really want to check out nature then this trail is right up your ally. Much like Kanarra Falls this trail has luscious vegetation and a small creek running along the trail. With it being 15 degrees cooler then in st george, it is a nice break from the heat during mid summer.

Location: Unnamed Road, Kanarraville, UT 84742
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Temple Quarry Trail - Difficulty: easy

Looking for a quick hike to do with the kids? This trail is for you. Following the path takes you to the site where most of the temple`s materials were quarried.

Location: Temple Quarry Trail, St George, UT 84770
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The bowl, The Vortex - Difficulty: Moderate

This hike is not suitable for a stroller, lots of rocks and sandy patches. It is however quite a good hike. With lots of vegetation and wildlife to see. Towards the end of this trail is what the locals call the vortex. It`s something you will want to experience first hand.

Location: Lower Sand Cove Rd, Dammeron Valley, UT 84783
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Yant Flat (Candy cliffs) Trail - Difficulty: Moderate

This trail has some neat contrast to it. You start off in a lush forest at the base of pine valley mountain and you end up at a gorgeous view of some of the best looking sandstone formations around. Definitely a must for hiking enthusiasts.

Location: Anna's View Point Trail, Washington, UT 84780
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